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Vital Stim Electrodes, 12 Pack, Plus 1 Free Pack, 4/Pkg.



Bakers Dozen Special 12 Packs Plus 1 Pack FREE, 4/Pkg. 

Development of the VitalStim electrode

In 2002 Chattanooga Group commissioned the leading electrode manufacturer in the
world, Uni-Patch, to design a custom electrode for use by dysphagia therapists with the
VitalStim Therapy device.
Uni-Patch was selected because of its 31-year track record in the electrotherapy field.
Their commitment to quality control and innovation made them the obvious choice to
design and manufacture an electrode that would be able to meet the unusual requirements
of the VitalStim application.
Shape and size of the anatomy. In VitalStim Therapy the electrodes are attached to the
anterior neck and under the chin. This area poses unique challenges:
- the area is irregularly shaped
- the anatomy moves around a lot during the treatment because of hyolaryngeal
- the electrodes are attached in a vertical or inverted position, which increases the
likelihood of the electrode peeling off the skin
- it is difficult to strap the electrodes securely to the skin because of the risk of
interfering with the patient’s breathing and swallowing
- the anatomy is very small mandating very small size electrodes; smaller
electrodes deteriorate faster because of the high current concentration

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